Ancient Egypt

The Queen of Egypt's treasures can be yours with a few lucky spins on IGT's free Cleopatra slot machine.

Ancient Egyptian Slots

One of the most popular slot themes of all time is Egyptian games. In fact, if you were to put the names of random 100 slots in a hat you would have about a 10% chance of selecting one with an Egyptian theme.

There are plenty of good reasons why developers choose to spend some much time on these games.  Firstly they are sought after by player’s worldwide.  Secondly, Egypt is known for having vast amounts of secret ancient treasures hidden within its pyramids and the tombs of Pharaohs.

Some of the most popular slots games online in fact have an Egyptian vibe to them. Games like IGT’s Pharaoh’s Fortune and Cleopatra slot are some of the better know, but others like Cleo’s Heart have quickly gained notoriety with players. Enjoy some of the best Egyptian slots and casino games free online at